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Do you provide the alcohol, beer or wine?

No, however we do provide complimentary beverage consultation to help you calculate exactly what you need to purchase based upon the number of expected guests. We can also provide you with our preferred vendors to help you purchase alcohol at a reduced rate.

What do I need to provide?

You are responsible for anything that will be consumed by your guests such as alcohol, beer, wine, mixers, fruit garnishes, ice & cups.

How much alcohol do I need to purchase?

We will provide you with a complimentary beverage consultation to help you estimate exactly how much alcohol to purchase based upon your guest count. Or you can download our Cocktail Party Beverage Calculator app from the Apple iTunes or Google Play market. We can also help you select your beverage menu!

How many bartenders do I need?

Per industry standard, we recommend 1 bartender for every 100 guests based upon the types of drinks you plan to serve.

What does JC Bartending provide?

We provide the TABC Certified Bartender(s) and all the basic bar tools and supplies required to serve drinks to your guests. We also provide $2M General Liability Insurance coverage in which most venues now require.

What will the bartender wear?

Our bartenders will wear a black polo shirt with black slacks.

Do you require a deposit?

No, we make things simple. We will hold your date with a credit card and your card will not be charged until the day before the event.

Do you have time blocks or hourly minimums?

We are flexible and customize your event even down to the time. So if you need us for 2 hours or 6 hours, we will be there!

What about gratuity? How do I tip the bartender?

You may express your gratuity by allowing our bartenders to place a tip jar in the bar area – OR – you may provide a cash gratuity directly to the bartender at the end of the event. Estimate $2.00 per guest for gratuity.

What will the bartenders bring?

All basic bar supplies and tools including (shakers, ice scooper, bottle/wine opener, speed pours, napkin caddy, fruit garnishment tray, cutting board, paring knife, etc.)

Will I be charged for the 1 hour set up?

During the first hour, the bartender is setting up the bar area to ensure efficient service of your guests during your event. Because they are still working and providing a service to you, this 1 hour is charged at the hourly rate.