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Always keep your home stocked with…The Basic 8.  With tons of reasons to celebrate milestones, sporting events, birthdays, engagements, wedding anniversaries and more, you need to ensure that your home bar is always ready for the celebration too.  As featured in The Dallas Morning News, JC Bartending wants to share the “Basic 8” things you need to stock your home bar to prepare for any type of soiree.

The “Basic 8” consists of the primary liquors that you need to make a large variety of drinks.  Unless you plan to serve hand crafted specialty infused drinks, at the bare minimum, you should have the Basic 8. The Basic 8 includes five (5) light liquors and three (3) dark liquors.

Light Liquors:

◦Triple Sec

Dark Liquors:


To complement the Basic 8, we recommend the following mixers:
◦Coke & Diet Coke
◦Ginger Ale
◦Club Soda
◦Tonic Water
◦Sweet and Sour Mix
◦Orange Juice
◦Cranberry Juice
◦Pineapple Juice
◦Tomato Juice
◦Lime Juice

With these basic ingredients, your home bar is set up to literally mix hundreds of unique drink recipes. Don’t forget the water, beer, wine and fruit garnishments to add another level of variety!

Last but not least, every home bar needs the proper tools. At a minimum, you will need a 3-Piece Cocktail Shaker, Wine Opener and Bottle Opener. For the elaborate ones, you can also use a napkin caddy to hold your napkins/coasters and drink stirrers/straws and a fruit garnish tray to hold your sliced limes, lemons, olives and cherries. For your bar supply needs, please visit our Online Bar Supply Store to purchase fun bar tools and equipment at our deeply discounted rate.

Relax and enjoy your event! Hire JC Bartending and let us bring the party to you. When making your shopping list of things to buy for the party, be sure to add The Basic 8!