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Although JC Bartending does not promote the consumption of alcohol by minors, according to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, a minor can consume alcohol under certain conditions.

1) If a minor is in the course and scope of employment as an employee of a licensee or permittee.
2) If the minor is in the visible presence of an adult parent, guardian, or spouse or another adult to whom he has been committed by a court and if the minor is under the immediate supervision of a commissioned peace officer engaged in enforcing the provisions of this Code.

The real question is, “Should minors drink?”. Given the statistics of alcohol-related accidents and deaths that are a result of minors consuming alcohol, we strongly discourage this type of activity. In addition, the brain cells and human body growth and development may be hindered and impacted by the consumption of alcohol prior to the age of 20. We do provide unique Mocktail (non-alcoholic) recipes for High School Graduation parties or Sweet 16 parties.

Relax and enjoy your event! Hire JC Bartending, Inc. and let us bring the party to you!