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If you are serving or drinking beer at your Super Bowl party, you are certainly not alone. According to MensJournal.com, Americans are expected to drink approximately 325.5 million gallons of beer on Super Bowl Sunday. However, if you want to mix things up this year, try out one (or a few) of these popular cocktails. Or, if you simply want to relax and enjoy the game, let a TABC Certified Bartender from JC Bartending do the mixing for you!

Nine Gameday-Worthy Cocktails for Super Bowl Sunday

Whether you want to make them in batches for a crowd or mix individual drinks, there are cocktails to suit every taste. Here are a few popular choices for Super Bowl LIII!

  • Beer Punch: This is a great cocktail for Super Bowl fans who do not want to completely abandon their traditional suds. It is made with beer, gin, and grapefruit juice.
  • Sparkling Sweet Tea Pitcher Cocktail: Combine whisky, tea, citrus and seltzer for a refreshing beverage that will make you want to find a front porch swing.
  • Minty Moscow Mules: Vodka, ginger ale, mint, and lime are the star players in this unique cocktail that serves well as a gluten-free, vodka-based alternative to Mint Juleps.

The cocktails described above can be conveniently mixed in batches, and you can find the complete recipes on VinePair.com.

  • Red Snapper: If a savory cocktail is more your style, you will love this concoction that combines gin, tomato juice, Worchester sauce, lemon, and chili.
  • OTT Irish Coffee: If you prefer a cocktail that serves double-duty as a dessert and pick-me-up, this creamy coffee, cardamom, and whiskey blend will make your day.
  • The Marrakesh Garden: Fans of rum will love how this drink is made with rum, lime juice, cucumber, and mint syrup to create an elegant and refreshing treat.

Get instructions for creating these fun and fancy cocktails on TownAndCountryMag.com.

  • Electric Fuzzy: Who wouldn’t want to drink something called an Electric Fuzzy? Simply spike a glass of lemonade with Peach Schnapps, and this cocktail is good to go.
  • Jersey Girl: This surprisingly delicious pour is just cream soda spiked with vanilla vodka – you can even add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make it extra decadent.
  • Kalimocho: Devoted wine drinkers can add a little zip to their typical sip by combining red wine with their favorite cola – choose diet soda for calorie counters.

Not that you need instructions for these easy and tasty beverages, but you can read more about them on MixThatDrink.com.

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Relax and enjoy your event! Hire JC Bartending, Inc. and let us bring the party to you!