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Bars have been around since time immemorial in one form or another. Gathering, drinking, eating and laughing together has become a part of virtually every culture on the face of the planet. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re a natural – there are plenty of things that even seasoned drinkers can learn from their bartender. What can your bartender teach you? Actually, there’s plenty you can learn!

This holiday season, let's get creative!! What a way to top off your holiday party beverage menu with a few unique and fun cocktails for your guests. See a full list of fancy winter holiday drink recipes.

What could be better than dessert and a drink? A drink flavored dessert! A new trend that seems to be popping up everywhere is alcohol infused cupcakes. Just about any drink you can think of has now been made into a delicious cupcake and JC Bartending wants to share a few recipes with you!