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We would like to share some free tips to help you save money when planning the beverage selection for your wedding. Although this day is all about you, be sure that your guests that have flown in from out of town or drove 300+ miles to see you walk down the aisle can enjoy a refreshing drink during the reception.

For the "do it yourself" couple, wedding expenses can be overwhelming! Often times it comes down to finding creative ways to cut costs and maximize the wedding budget. The question of whether or not to have a cash bar can sometimes be a big debate between couples and or parents. The controversy stems from many things including the taboo of charging your guests to drink at your event or giving the appearance of cutting corners. Bottom line, you want your guests who travelled hundreds of miles to enjoy the celebration and as the bride and groom, you must make the best decision for your budget and the overall memory that you want to create for your guests.

Looking to stock your home bar with quality bar supplies and tools without breaking the bank? Need a great housewarming or wedding gift? You will find everything you need from shakers, glassware, bottle openers, drink recipe books and more!