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Make Healthier Choices This Year! Healthier drinking is simply about redefining fun and making wiser choices. Great beer doesn't have to give you a gut, an eventful Saturday night shouldn't cost you your Sunday, and you never again have to feel guilty about taking the edge off a hard day. Here are ten things you can do to improve your well being, and balance healthier drinking.

Drunk driving is a serious consideration for people who throw New Year's Eve parties. Things may get wild and out of hand, and hosts can't keep track of everyone. Although it is impossible to control the actions of everyone at a New Year's Eve party, you can eliminate the majority of it by taking some extra precautions. If you're giving a big bash this year, follow these tips to keep drunk driving off the menu.

With tons reasons to celebrate sports, birthdays, engagements, wedding anniversaries and more, you need to ensure that your home bar is stocked with the the basics. As featured in The Dallas Morning News, JC Bartending wants to share the "Basic 8" things you need to stock your home bar to prepare for any type of soiree.