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If you're old enough to drink, then you're old enough to know the importance of first impressions. First dates are the perfect place to show off that life lesson. Beyond the super obvious "don'ts" of being late or talking about your job on the first date, there are several "do's" when ordering your drink of choice.

Bars have been around since time immemorial in one form or another. Gathering, drinking, eating and laughing together has become a part of virtually every culture on the face of the planet. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re a natural – there are plenty of things that even seasoned drinkers can learn from their bartender. What can your bartender teach you? Actually, there’s plenty you can learn!

Local customs may vary, however, most bartenders work for less than minimum wage, typically closer to $2.15 an hour. In some states, if the percentage of the bartender’s alcohol sales is is minimum wage or lower, the employer does not have to provide any type of base compensation. So how is bartending such a lucrative career, you may ask? Well it’s all driven by the tips! This fact alone is why you should always tip your bartender, especially if the service warrants the tip. However, when tipping, you should keep in mind that depending on what type of establishment you’re in, the bartender must also pay a percentage of their tips to the barback, servers, dishwashers, food runners and the table bussers. In the American culture, it is customary to tip those who are in the service industry based upon the level of service received but there are some “unwritten” minimum standards that should always be taken into consideration.