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Bartending Economics for Your Wedding Day


We would like to share some free tips to help you save money when planning the beverage selection for your wedding. Although this day is all about you, be sure that your guests that have flown in from out of town or drove 300+ miles to see you walk down the aisle can enjoy a refreshing drink during the reception.

If you don't want to break the bank by having a fully stocked bar, no one will complain. They will drink whatever you have provided. So be economical and consider these 3 options.

1) Beer & Wine Selection

You can't go wrong with having just beer and wine. You can buy in bulk from Sam's Club and save a ton of money. To make things simple, you want to have at least some red & white wine, a domestic and an import beer. That's it!

2) Signature Drink or Frozen Drink

Get creative and name a drink after you and your significant other. Only purchase the alcohol for those 2 drinks and that will save money as well. This will also add a unique flair to your wedding reception and just think if you matched the drink colors to your wedding colors! Don't forget to consider a frozen margarita machine! We have a wide variety of flavors to choose from.

3) The Basics

Remember, people never know what to expect so even if you have the basic liquors, they will drink what is available. So think about purchasing 3 or 4 types of liquor along with a few mixers to have behind the bar.

Let the experts at JC Bartending help you create your beverage selection with our complimentary beverage consultation when you contract our services. We can also help you estimate exactly what you need to purchase so that you have just the right amount.

Relax and enjoy your event! Hire JC Bartending, Inc. and let us bring the party to you.