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Cutting the Fat Out of Your Drinking


The number of calories you consume each day has a direct impact on your waistline. Most people are health conscious enough to realize this, and many people avoid eating fast food just because of the insane number of calories these meals contain. However, did you know that some of your favorite mixed drinks could actually contain more calories than the worst offender to ever roll off the grill down at your local burger joint? Here are some of the worst offenders and what you need to know.

High Calorie Drinks

If you think that drinking means fewer calories than downing actual food, it’s time to think again. All of the following drinks have more calories than what you’ll down consuming a Big Mac from McDonalds (some of them substantially more).

• Long Island Iced Tea
• Mai Tai
• Mud Slide
• Pina Colada
• Margarita

Now, think about how many of each drink you down during a night out and convert that to the equivalent number of greasy burgers, and you’ll see just how easy it is to pack on the pounds when drinking (particularly if you’re fond of enjoying a pitcher of drinks).

Getting around the Calorie Count

Now that you’re good and worried about the effect of downing your favorite mixed drink on your waistline, it’s time for some good news. There are low-calorie options out there. While you won’t find any drinks that have no calories, some options are surprisingly healthy in this area.

For instance, rum and Diet Coke only has about 65 calories (a 6-ounce serving), while a vodka and soda water has about the same number of calories. Slightly higher, but still within reason, is the gin and diet tonic, weighing in at just 115 calories or so. If you prefer beer to mixed drinks, then there’s good news. Try a Guinness – they only have about 126 calories per bottle, which is surprising to many people.

As a general rule, the higher the proof of the alcohol you’re consuming, the more calories there are (alcohol is converted to sugar). Also, the more additives there are for a drink (and the sweeter they are), the more calories you’ll be downing with each glass. Of course, if you’re drinking dessert in a glass, then you should realize that you’re downing an incredible number of calories (a chocolate martini, for example). Be smart about your beverage choices and you can enjoy your drinks without too much worry that they’ll ruin your figure.