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Cocktail Party Checklist


With all of the details that you have to focus on for your event, here is a quick cocktail party checklist to ensure that you have all the supplies that you need behind the bar to host a successful soiree!

Don’t forget to ask about or complimentary beverage consultation or download our Cocktail Party Beverage Calculator App from the Apple or Google Play Store for an estimate how much alcohol to purchase for your event.


• Alcohol (Liquor/Liqueurs, Beer, Wine, Champagne)
• Mixers (Soda, Juice, Tonic Water, etc.)
• Bottle Water
• Ice
• Fruit Garnishments (Lemons, Limes, Cherries, Olives)
• Margarita Salt
• Cups/Glassware
• Straws/Drink Stirrers
• Cocktail Napkins

What the Bartenders Will Bring

• Bar Tools (Shaker Tins, Bottle Openers, Napkin Caddy, Fruit Garnishment Tray, Knife, Cutting Board & Ice Scooper)
• 1 Large Ice Cooler to chill Beer & White Wine
• 1 Small Ice Cooler to serve ice for mixed drinks

As a safe and responsible host, be sure that your last call is at least 20-30 minutes prior to your event end time to allow time for individuals to “sober up”. At this time you may want to offer water or coffee as the night winds to an end.