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Spice Up Your Winter Holiday Cocktail Party

This holiday season, let's get creative!! What a way to top off your holiday party beverage menu with a few unique and fun cocktails for your guests. See a full list of fancy winter holiday drink recipes.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Mix 2oz Rum, 1/2 oz Lemon Juice, Fill with Cranberry Juice & Splash of Grenadine

Winter Tropic

Mix 2oz Vodka, Fill with Cranberry Juice & 1oz Strawberry Margarita Mix

Mrs. Clause

Mix 2oz Vodka, 1oz Peach Schnapps, Fill with OJ & Splash of Grenadine

Santa's Brew

Mix 2oz Rum, Fill w/ Cranberry Juice & 1oz Sprite

Winter Cream

Mix 2oz Spiced Rum & Fill with Egg Nog

Sassy Elf Martini

Mix 2oz Effen Cucumber Vodka, Splash of Lime Juice, Splash of Simple Syrup & fill with Tonic

Saint Nick 78

Mix 2oz Gin, 1oz Cointreau, Fill with Champagne, Splash of Lemon Juice


Mix 2oz Crown, 1oz Benedictine, Splash of Lemon Juice, Splash of Lime Juice

Happy Holly-Daze

Mix 2oz Vodka, Muddle Fresh Strawberries, Fill with 1 part Pineapple Juice, Fill with 1 part Sprite

Sleigh Ride Margarita

Mix 2oz Tequila, 1oz Grand Marnier, splash of Lime Juice

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