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Ultimate Dallas Bartending Experience

Why play the bartender at your own event? JC Bartending will provide an experience that you and your guests will always remember! We are the ideal service provider for the "Do It Yourself" client who finds value in saving money up front, yet relaxing and enjoying the benefit of having a professional mixologists service their guests. Our highly experienced TABC Certified staff is dedicated to maximizing the enjoyment of your event, while ensuring safe and responsible service behind the bar.

Affordable Rate of $35 / Hour per Bartender

Our competitive and comprehensive services include:
• $2M General Liability Insurance Coverage
• Uniformed TABC Certified Bartender(s)
• Bar Area Set Up & Clean Up
• Basic Bar Supplies and Tools (shaker tins, ice coolers, bottle openers, etc.)
• Complimentary Beverage Consultation (by phone) with Shopping List of how much to purchase
• Flexible Service Hours - NO 4 hour minimums
• No Deposits Required

PLEASE NOTE: Hourly rate does not include gratuity and increases to $40/hour for events less than 4 hours. Hourly rate is $45/hour for events held on major holidays including Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve.

Additional Services

• Cocktail Servers - $30.00 / hour (based upon availability)
Black Marble Portable Bar Rental - $125.00 - within 15 mile radius of Plano ONLY
Rustic Portable Bar Rental - $150.00 within 15 mile radius of Plano ONLY
• One-Stop Shop! We can contract your Margarita Machine Rental or Glassware Rental for only 15% of service provider's invoice

How Many Bartenders Do I Need?

Based upon industry standards and for maximum efficiency of service, we recommend staffing 1 bartender for every 75-100 guests who will be consuming alcohol.

What the Bartender Provides

The bartender will bring all of the basic bar tools to serve your guests including shaker tins, bottle openers, knife, cutting board and even ice coolers to chill the beer, white wine and serve for mixed drinks. The bartender(s) will arrive 1 hour prior to the scheduled start time to set up the bar area and will clean up the bar area at the end of the event. The standard bartender uniform is black pants and black polo shirt. Bartender uniforms may be customized for your event with advance notice.

What The Client Provides

You are responsible for providing all items that will consumed by your guests. This includes the alcohol, mixers, ice and any fruit garnishes that you wish to serve with your beverages. You will also need to provide the cups/glassware and you may wish to top off the bar area with cocktail napkins and straws.

If you are purchasing kegs of beer, you must have the taps for the keg.

You must provide a table or flat surface for the bartender to serve from. If required, we do have a portable bar or table set up for rent to create the perfect bar area for your event!

Bar Set Up

During the 1 hour set up, the bartender is working extremely hard to prep the bar area for maximum service efficiency. They will chill all beer & white wine, slice fruit garnishes and set up the bar station prior to the arrival of your guests and/or opening of the bar.

How Much Alcohol Do You Buy?

This is the #1 question asked by our clients and JC Bartending will take care of this for you too! Upon booking our services, we can provide you with a comprehensive beverage consultation by phone where we help you define your beverage menu and prepare a shopping list of everything that you need to purchase.

Simple Booking Process

STEP 1: Book online by clicking the Reserve link. You will receive an invoice within 24 hours.
STEP 2: If you require a complimentary beverage consultation, please give us a call for a quick call and we will email the shopping list directly to you!
STEP 3: You will receive our friendly service reminder 72 hours prior to your event with the name of your bartender and a reminder of the arrival time. Your credit card will be charged on the day before the event. The bartender will arrive at the contracted time and will provide the ultimate bartending experience!

No deposits required, however a credit card is required to hold your date. Your credit card will not be charged until the day before your event. Don't wait...Reserve your event today!

We accept the following major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & AMEX)

About our Bartenders

Our bartenders have a variety of backgrounds! Many of our bartenders are working professionals in other fields and simply enjoy bartending part-time to meet new people and others bartend full-time at some of DFW’s elite restaurants, hotels and night clubs. All of our bartenders have great experience and many have a formal bartending education to ensure proficient and responsible service to your guests.

Still Have Questions?

Whether this is your first time hiring a bartender or you are a pro at hosting cocktail parties, many of your questions can be addressed on our FAQ page. Click here to get more information!

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